Our Mission

The Global Immunization Action Network Team (GIANT) works to improve global public health outcomes by combating vaccine hesitancy through effective, sensitive, science-based communication and education.

our goals

  1. Collecting data and information to research and analyze social values, population, community values, health literacy with quantitative and qualitive studies in order to create better communication and listening tools with empathy and compassion to improve trust and empower confidence in all vaccines in communities.

  2. To present relevant information to people to embrace and accept vaccination.

  3. To eliminate Global Vaccine hesitancy and work towards creating a world that embraces immunization as a tool to improve global public health.

our vision

To reverse infectious disease trends globally by half by the year 2025 and by 100% by the year 2030 through an adoption of Immunization as one of the top important public health options for Infectious Diseases Prevention and Control in most countries of the world in collaboration with national governments and developmental partners.

Governance Rules & Polices (PDF)


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