Do your neighbors want to get vaccinated?

As the coronavirus vaccines have rolled out across the US, the process has been confusing and disastrous. States, left by the federal government to fend for themselves, have struggled to get a handle on the logistics of distribution. Many, including Georgia, Virginia, and California, have fallen woefully behind schedule.

COVID-19 vaccine hesitancy in the UK

The pandemic is testing our societal structures like never before. To deal with it successfully, we need to think and act collectively, led by our key institutions. But at a time when unity is critical, are we about to see the effects of a long-standing and corrosive drip feed of mistrust?

When COVID-19 Really Is ‘Just Another Flu’

It’s hard to imagine a day when people will be as nonchalant about getting their COVID-19 vaccine as they are about getting their flu shot, but it is one possible future reality, experts say.

A Supercomputer Analyzed Covid-19 — and an Interesting New Theory Has Emerged

Earlier this summer, the Summit supercomputer at Oak Ridge National Lab in Tennessee set about crunching data on more than 40,000 genes from 17,000 genetic samples in an effort to better understand Covid-19. Summit is the second-fastest computer in the world, but the process — which involved analyzing 2.5 billion genetic combinations — still took more than a week.

Why Businesses Must Help Build Trust in a Covid-19 Vaccine

Large numbers of people are suspicious of vaccines and currently unwilling to be vaccinated against Covid-19 once safe and effective vaccines are available. Given that achieving herd immunity as soon as possible depends on widespread immunization, educational campaigns must begin now to overcome this resistance. Some large employers — including Mastercard, Apple, and Google — are already trying to educate their employees. Others must follow suit.

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